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Halloween 2003!

We had our annual Halloween party last Friday night. Despite the cold weather (freezing rain & icy roads) it was a success! Some lightweights didn’t want to venture out and it was their loss.

Of course there had to be some drama. Well my friend Darren told Valerie (who works for me) that I partake in a little 420 now and then (which I neither admit nor deny). Well, next thing I know she’s like asking me if I want to smoke some bud cuz she knows someone (who she brought along and I wasn’t impressed in the least) who has some! Of course I flatly refused. Apparently Darren was pulling a little prank on me. Shame on YOU D.!

My friends Alex and Jane were in attendance, along with the above mentioned. Ken & Maggie come late because Ken had to work until 11pm. Pam and Char (our close “couples” friends & neighbors) were there. Numerous friends of Mz. Cher West from Neiman’s were there. It was definitely an “A-List” party! All in all probably about 20 of our friends were there. I’ll get the pics scanned and posted on my site within a couple of days (or weeks) or so.

12:59 a.m. - Monday, Nov. 03, 2003


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